1. Read and Read again

I really want to thank Philipp Wagner. A great Open Source contributor. Please, visit his webpage.
He wrote a lot of usefull article about Face Recognition using OpenCV. Actually, he wrote the libfacerec library we installed in step 3.2. All my code are based from his opencv sample.

Here are some webpage you need to read to understand better how to detect faces and recognize people :

These reading are perhaps redundants. But they give you all theory and source exemple to master face reco with OpenCV.

2. Train

You’ve read everything ? Fine. Now copy examples, compile and see what happens.
It’s really one of the spirit of Raspberry Pi community to test by yourself and developp your own software.
Now, you’ll be able to compile C++ samples on your raspberry and see your face, detect your face. Recognition is a little bit more difficult to test since it requires training-pictures. It’s the goal of step 5.

At this stage, you should thank Eben Upton to be the co-founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation and Liz Upton to animate so well the Raspberry Pi community. Thank to their works, you can smile to your webcam playing with your raspberry pi !

Eben and Liz Upton