meHello World. I’m Pierre.

I’m like the fopen function : I read, I write and I create.
I read a lot. I write software (for many years on many platforms like Cray, Silicon Graphics, PalmOs, iOs, Win32, Rapsberry Pi), but I also write books and articles.

I create useless stuffs like http://raufast.org/useless.htm or http://raufast.org/uselessfight.htm

For more information, visit my website http://raufast.org

contact : pierre.raufast @ gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. please help me as soon as possible,i am using raspicam i am at step no 2 when i tried to make there is a error that
    no rule to makr target ‘home/pi/git/raspberrypi/userland/lib/libmmal_util.so’ needed by camcv

  2. Hi, I have download the preparePhoto.cpp & faceReco.cpp , I also create the CMakeList.txt file at the same foder , But I can’t compiler successful , Could you please provide the detail compiler procedure ? Thank you very much.

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